Handlebars and cranks can feature brand marks, says UCI and IOC.

UCI/IOC agree to more brand exposure for bike parts at Olympics

The brand marking deal was negotiated by WFSGI, the World Federation of Sporting Goods Industries.

Last month the WFSGI interceded on behalf of bicycle brands to allow bikes used in Olympic events to feature frame logos.

Component manufacturers raised concerns they may not be allowed on bicycles if the IOC and the UCI didn’t explicitly allow their brand logos to be seen. WFSGI approached the IOC and the UCI and the organisations agreed to further amendments to their brand mark rules for bikes.

Robbert de Kock, Secretary General of the WFSGI, said: "It was extremely important for the WFSGI to pass on the concerns raised by the bicycle industry in regards to the logo identification marks to the UCI and the IOC. Of course, we are very relieved to learn that our interventions were again successful. The IOC and the UCI agreed to amend the policies regarding handlebars and crank-sets as well to the frame."

One identification of the manufacturer is permitted on each side of either the stem, the handlebars or extensions, if different from the manufacturer of the frame.

Component suppliers are not allowed to affix brand marks that differ to those on commercially-available machines.

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