Cycling is non-polluting and health-promoting but motorists and pedestrians who see cyclists running red lights and riding on pavements are convinced all cyclists are, as the Daily Mail would have it, 'Lycra louts.' As the actions of the few harm the image of the many, one cycle campaign group is aiming to get the law breakers to change their ways...

Two wheels good, four wheel bad?

Spokes, the Lothian cycle campaign group, is exhorting cyclists to improve their road manners, smarten their image.

The group’s Edinburgh cycling map spells out the new code:

* Jumping a red light and taking a shortcut along the pavement may be tempting, but you should remember that every time a motorist sees this happening it gives them the excuse to behave in a similar fashion.

* You are already riding the fastest vehicle on the city streets – why cause needless antagonism just to shave a few seconds off your journey?

* Try smiling or saying hello every time you ride past a pedestrian. Every time you do this it boosts the friendly image of cycling and helps to make up for the ‘Lycra lout’ publicity.

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