Currently selling at a rate of 150 000 a day via, the Livestrong wristbands will soon be back in Niketown stores and Trek-stocking bike shops. Five million bands will soon be on the water from China.

Twenty million people wear Lance’s yellow bands

The Lance Armstrong Foundation has announced today that more than 20 million Livestrong wristbands have been purchased.

The Wear Yellow Live Strong campaign, a LAF and Nike partnership, was launched last May in an effort to raise funds for LAF programmess that help people with cancer live strong.

"I am only one of more than 10 million Americans living with and beyond cancer, so there are at least 10 million reasons why I wear my Live Strong wristband everyday," said Lance Armstrong.

"The colour yellow stands for hope and courage and inspiration and that’s why I’m never taking my wristband off."

Celebrity wearers include John Kerry, President Bush, Bruce Willis, Bono, Matt Damon, Ben Stiller and Lance’s mate Robin Williams and Lance’s girlfriend, Sheryl Crow.

The LAF currently sells about 150 000 wristbands every day via and The biggest sales on one day was on September 20th, when the LAF sold 382 000 wristbands.

Wristbands are sold for $1 in packs of 10, 100 and 1,200.

Currently, the bands are only available online and take 2-3 weeks to ship.

Previously, the bands were available in Niketown stores and Trek stockists. However, they sold out quickly.

Next month, stock should start appearing in shops again.

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