Holiday Swaps, the BBC travel prog fronted by Carol Smillie (or is it Vorderman?), will feature a cycling holiday on 25th February. One with a twist: the participants thought they would hate it...

TV exposure for cycle holidays

Naturally, they came back full of the joys of spring, instant converts. Brilliant PR for cycling.

The weekly programme features people who swap holidays. In this case, a middle aged couple who planned a sedentary holiday in Hong Kong were told, instead, they were going on a cycle holiday following the Danube. Apparently the programme shows the couple much displeased with this switch but alls well that ends well because much to their amazement they found that cycling was great fun.

Holiday Swaps has 7-8 million viewers a week. The BBC used Kent-based holiday company Anglo Dutch for the filming.

Ken Brickley of Anglo Dutch says the programme should be good for attracting new people to cycle holidays, and cycling in general:

The couple chosen were not cyclists and would never have dreamt of going on a cycling holiday and the good news is they enjoyed it immensely.


Ken Brickley is giving a talk on cycle holidays at this weekends Destinations travel show at Olympia (10-13 February).

Anglo Dutch. Tel: 0181 289 2808

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