No dates as yet - these will be announced by, official media partner for the NPS series - but the Martyn Salt organised events will feature innovations to welcome newbie racers.

Trek sponsors new, beginners-welcome Enduro category for NPS MTB races

Sanctioned by British Cycling, and sponsored by Trek, the NPS mountain bike race series in the UK will introduce Short-Track and 6, 4, 2 Enduro event.

The series will take place in four locations across the UK including some of the more traditional race venues and will start in April this year. The events will be organized by Martyn Salt, past organiser of the Grundig World Cup, Diesel World Cup, three rounds of the NPS at Newnham Park; and the Newnham 90 Enduro.

The Short Track event for the Saturday is going to be a spectator-friendly, short race with a chance for any amateur to compete against the sport’s elite. A knock out formula will be used, with top riders progressing through each round.

Sunday’s Trek 6, 4, 2 Enduro will allow riders to compete in an endurance event for six,four, or two hours. Starting at 10.00am the six-hour riders will open the race. Noon will see the introduction of the four-hour category and then at 2.00pm the two-hour field will start. This format enables competitors to take part in a mountain bike Endurance event and as their fitness level increases they can move up a class. At 4.00pm all the riders on course finish together.

British Cycling will also be providing Go-Ride coaching and skills activities for young people to participate in throughout the weekends.

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