The US corporation has bought the Villiger, Arrow, Tigra and Diamant brands from Villiger Sohne AG of Switzerland, a cigarette manufacturing company (slogan: "In love with tobacco")

Trek increases foothold in Europe as it purchases Swiss city-bike brands

The purchase agreement is scheduled for completion on December 27th. Trek has not disclosed the purchase price. Villiger Bicycle had a 2001 turnover of Eu39.3m.

"The acquisition of Villiger and Diamant greatly enhances our product offer particularly as it gives us entry into the important city and trekking categories," said Trek president John Burke.

"There are a number of synergies that Trek worldwide can provide to make a successful business. Villiger and Diamant are great names in the European bicycle industry and we will make significant investments in manufacturing and product development to further enhance the brand reputations and sales opportunities."

As part of the deal, Trek acquires the Villiger-Diamant bicycle factory in Hartmannsdorf, Germany. The Villiger-Diamant HQ will be moved from Buttisholz to Zurich.

It’s believed the deal with Trek was hammered out by company owner Heinrich Villiger (see pic below) at the Interbike show in October.

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