No cycle infrastructure mags for ages and then two come along at once.

Transit trade mag to produce cycle planning yearbook

Landor, publisher of the UK’s main transit and parking trade journals Local Transport Today and Parking Review, is to produce ‘Get Britain Cycling’, a yearbook and directory for professionals involved in cycling policy and infrastructure delivery.

Earlier this year a German publisher introduced Cyclingmobility, a quarterly magazine aimed at the same market, but available globally.

Get Britain Cycling is supported by advertising and will be sent out to 8000 addresses free of charge in October. Landor said the yearbook will be sent to company facilities managers and travel planning officers; urban planners, developers and transport consultants; and local authority transport officers.

The yearbook will feature articles on bike route audits and infrastructure planning; cycle storage and security; and corporate take up of the the Cycle to Work scheme. There will also be a listing of cycle parking suppliers, behaviour change specialists, Cycle to Work scheme providers, cycle trainers and transport planning consultancies specialising in cycling.

"Get Britain Cycling [will] provide an invaluable guide to the current state of play in the UK’s infrastructure provision sector," said Landor’s Keith Homer.

According to the trade mag group "local authorities are improving cycle infrastructure by boosting the number and quality of cycle lanes, providing bike parking facilities and cycle schemes at workplaces, bus and rail stations, retail and leisure facilities. Estate managers are acting to improve cycle infrastructure as grassroots pressure to provide for cyclists increases."

Get Britain Cycling fills a information gap, said the publishing company: "Despite lots of guidance relating to cycling matters, our market research with cycling bodies and those responsible for making thousands of individual decisions to improve cycling infrastructure has found these key buyers are lacking some basic information to make an informed decision. And when it comes to big projects – from cycle hire schemes and cycle hubs – there is a thirst to learn from the exciting initiatives which are now being delivered."

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