Torq launches Immune System Support range

Torq has launched a new range of Immune System Support products.

Torq dFND is a one-a-day tablet containing a concentration of Vitamin D3 and Zinc to support the normal functioning of the immune system. Vitamin D3 also helps to maintain normal bone and muscle function and Zinc, the maintenance of normal skin, hair and nails.

Each Torq dFND tablet contains 1000iu Vitamin D3 and 15.6mg Zinc at a potent 500% and 156% of daily reference values respectively. “We could not find a tablet on the market that combines solely Vitamin D with Zinc,” said the brand.

“Both of these nutrients have been found to be deficient in the human body with Vitamin D being at lower levels in the winter months in particular, and Zinc deficiency common those with a vegetarian or vegan diet.”

Torq aTAC is a high strength mega-dose Vitamin C, Glutamine and Echinacea formulation, to reduce the symptoms and severity of cold and flu infections. The formulation is to be taken at the first signs of infection, said Torq, and followed up with further doses as per the recommended mega-dosing protocol – typically 28 doses to be consumed in five days.

A single daily dose of Torq aTAC can also be used during periods of high load training or when travelling internationally as a pre-emptive measure, the brand continued. The effectiveness of aTAC is a combination of the ingredients with the mega-dosing.

As well as delivering these potent micronutrients, each dose of Torq aTAC contains 10g of carbohydrate and fluid to provide energy and hydration at a time when normal appetite and thirst reflex may be suppressed.

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