The sun was shining, so you were probably busy selling/fixing/supplying bikes, so here's a handy round-up on what got the trade's tongues wagging last month

Top five stories in July: Kask, eBay and Froome

Kask launches helmet amnesty
This scheme to bring into the shop clearly got a few brands and shops thinking. The offer is still on, too.

Looks amazing – Bicycle: the film
The long awaited cycling documentary now has a trailer and has had its first public showing. A number of bike industry companies have got behind it too.

eBay reveals top five bike brands
In an industry starved of sales stats, huge online marketplace eBay provided us with a few insights as to the most popular bike brands on its site. The popularity of the story tells us something about the interest there is in sales stats being made available…

Froome ridges from Folkestone to France via the Eurotunnel
Summer sees a huge number of us take a trip over or under the Channel. Froome decided to do it on two wheels. There’s always one.

Celebrated London bike shop to close next month
It was our sad duty to report that Kinoko Cycles was shutting its bricks and mortar store.

Elsewhere, our long running series of articles on the bike industry’s relationship with everyday cycling continued to stir up some perhaps much needed debate, including here – Has the bike industry a promotion problem?

In other news...

Cycling UK chief responds to Government’s plan to back motorists, calls for ‘holistic’ approach to travel

Cycling UK’s chief executive is calling on the UK Government to take a “holistic” approach …