Token releases Ninja Lite bottom brackets

Token has now released the Ninja Lite bottom brackets.

They use fully composite cups engineered to be lighter than the standard Ninja bottom brackets but with the same durable, robust and creak-proof properties.

“All Token products are built to the highest standard possible, and its Ninja bottom brackets are testament to this,” said a statement. “The Ninja bottom brackets were designed to eliminate creaking and increase longevity, they also come in some workshop-handy five in one and seven in one versions which service a large number of different BB types in one box, ideal for any workshop department to hold on the shelf.

“Token designed its Ninja bottom brackets because it felt that many available options were creaky, didn’t last long enough and were hard to remove.

“It nows make Ninja BB’s for a huge number of different standards including BB86, PF30, 24mm and 30mm axles, and brand specific versions.

“The Ninja bottom bracket doesn’t just solve the problem of noisy bottom brackets – it actually improves the life of the BB and makes the bike stiffer too.

“The Ninja BB can be a very significant upgrade for most people but especially commuters and other all weather cyclists.”

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