The listings magazine devotes much of its current issue to cycling

Time Out London goes bike mad

The listings magazine has produced a ‘pedal power’ issue. Cycling is covered on pages 20 through to 44.

"Dogs, God and bikes: a few of your favourite worst nightmares. These are the subjects that make the Time Out postbag bulge and divide Londoners like no other issues. Ever since the first penny-farthing trundled down a city back street, London has been a town split asunder by the bike. For some it’s a tyrannous contraption, ridden by demented maniacs intent on pushing pedestrians from the pavement for ever; for others, bikes represent the bright future of an eco-sensitive urban transport network."

According to Time Out, the issue is “The ultimate two-wheeled guide to the capital with: Crosstown traffic: car vs bus vs bike vs walking – we discover the fastest way to traverse the city PLUS Tarmac wars! London’s most divisive debate between pedestrians and pedal-pushers rages on AND Leisure cycling routes: great ideas for pedalling days out in the east and west.”

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