Taichung Province building to bolster manufacturer’s capabilities as it analyses new market opportunities

THI opens new production offices

TH Industries, the power behind Full Speed Ahead (FSA), Vision, Gravity and RPM brands, is
set to open a new production facility in Taichung Province, Taiwan during 2009.

Founded in 1971, the company currently manufactures a startling two million headsets per year, making bespoke components for other brands, and developing standards for the cycling industry.

Notable achievements include being an original member of the Taiwan A-team, the first Compact Crankset to enter production and also assisting development of the BB30 Bottom Bracket standard, which is gaining momentum within frame building communities due to its ease of construction, improved stiffness, bearing life and weight saving qualities. THI works in carbon, alloys, steel, plastics and ceramics in manufacturing cycling components.

Today, the company manufactures and sources from Taiwan and has bases in Italy (Milan) and the US (Washington), with sales split 60 per cent in Europe and 40 per cent in the US. The manufacturer is also currently looking into the Chinese market for sales opportunities.

The brand new facility is a significant step forward in the company’s global strategy, and the floor space alone almost doubles what is currently available in Taichung.

TH Industries has seen some declining of inventories and depressed orders for early 2009, with some cancellations for February. There is still, however, continued optimism as to the 2009 production season and the building work and investment going into the new plant is a clear sign that the economic slowdown is not affecting sales enough to be of any real concern.

In speaking with MD Douglas Chiang, there is moderate lending from financial institutions (something the THI family normally shies away from), but the benefits to this approach will undoubtedly lead to a truly modern production environment.

The new green field site will offer a separate design and office block, along with a dedicated QC testing and development building, as well as the shell, which will house production. THI would not be drawn on how much investment has been put into the new site.

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