In an advert worthy of an inclusion in Private Eyes Dianaballs column, the US importer of Endura clothing has succeeded in making any UK reader reach for the sick bag

The worst ad of the year so far?

The half page ad seen in the current issue of Bicycle Retailer and Industry News features a crumpled and poorly photographed gold cycle jacket by Endura. The red-on-black headline reads Not everything beautiful died in a Paris car crash.

How could a cycle jacket be killed in a car crash? Whats the link with Diana, except both the jacket and the Princess came from the UK?

And since when did Scottish companies claim to be from the United Kingdom?

Was this an example of an overseas company doing some marketing that the exporter thought a wee bit naff? No doubt Endura wouldnt want to drop their US importer in it, but this ad concept really should have been rejected seconds after it was thought up.

But thats with British eyes, the real acid test is whether the ad works for the US market. Perhaps some American readers of this site can tell us whether the Endura ad made them gag or not?

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