Haro Bicycles has appointed Phil Tinstman to the position of Masi Brand Manager.

The Masiguy is dead; long live the Masiguy

With the departure of Tim Jackson to ASI, Masi brand owner Haro had to appoint a new ‘Masiguy’.

Joe Hawk, Haro’s Chief Operating Officer said: “Phil brings a unique blend of talent and passion to the brand and we are extremely fortunate to have these qualities available to us after the recent departure of Tim Jackson, Phil’s predecessor and former Masi Brand Manager.” 

Tinstman formerly worked for Spy Optic and No Fear.

He’s already a Masi rider, racing to a fifth place overall finish in the El Tour de Tucson, and managing a top 10 finish during the recently completed Carlsbad Marathon, an event with a field of nearly 1150 competitors. 

“It is his competitive nature combined with his passion for cycling that we are confident will drive Masi to new levels in the future,” said Hawk.

Tim ‘the artist formerly known as Masiguy’ Jackson, said:

"I think Phil is a great next steward of the Masi brand. I can see a very similar passion for the brand in his eyes that I am told that Joe Hawk saw in mine when I interviewed for the position more than six years ago.

"Things will be different but different can be good and I know that Phil understands the brand and the great momentum it now has. I feel confident in passing the torch over to his capable hands."

Tinstman said:

“I am very enthusiastic about starting this new chapter in my life. Cycling has always been a passion of mine and my connection with Haro stems from being a team rider during the 90s to racing on Masi road bikes for the past five years. My extensive racing experience combined with years of lifestyle marketing has provided me with a unique combination for furthering the Masi brand.

"I am looking forward to not only the professional challenges but also to the personal challenges on the daily lunch rides!” 

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