Boris Bikes vandalised, multiple shop break ins, Telegraph Editor pulled off bike while covering events

The London riots, according to Twitter

In this day and age us journalists have to confess that plenty of our information is either pulled directly, or largely traces back to social media sources. During shocking events like the London riots, social media comes into it’s own, both for the purposes of good and what can only be described as evil.

Bikebiz will update this story as the day goes on. Though we can barely keep up with updates, here’s what the social networks are telling us this morning:

The Telegaph editor has been assaulted and pulled off his bike while attempting to cover events on the ground. News of that is found here.`

@Amsterdamized has reported that Boris bikes have been vandalised.

Mosquito Bikes has fended off would-be thieves from its Islington store. Earlier BikeBiz reported that another in the borough was not so fortunate. Mosquito earlier Tweeted: "Mosquito was targeted by yobs yesterday, but they didn’t get in. Big thanks to the staff who kept the b####tds out."

Camden’s MiCycle, a shop famed for its youth outreach projects, as well as Evans branches have been looted. Our story on those incidents is found here. Micycle has since issued this newsletter making light of the grim situation.

Evans branches at Chalk Farm and London Bridge have been broken into with multiple bikes taken.

According to @fisher_outdoor: "Looks like Geoffrey Butler in Croydon was also hit hard, which is sad news. Lets hope there isn’t more trouble tonight." Cycling Weekly has more news on the content stolen.

As reported yesterday, Halfords has been targetted in both Enfield and Brixton.

A few sources are stating that bicycles were used by the rioters themselves, who reportedly cycled from group to group spreading the message of "where to hit next." Shockingly, this flyer is being circulated among rioters explaining ways to ‘get away with it’.

            Cycle king in Croydon is said to have been ‘completely ransacked’. Meanwhile, two bikes have been stolen from South Croydon’s Bike Plus after thieves pulled aside shutters.

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