The role of bikes in transport to be debated at the London Transport Museum

The future of cycling to be contested tonight

Cycling and its role in future transport will be hotly debated at the London Transport Museum tonight.

Guest speakers, including Gocycle founder Richard Thorpe, will discuss whether the UK is really on the cusp of a cycle-based travel revolution.

The debate will focus on ‘whether cycling innovations will bring the societal, technological and streetscape changes required to attract the wider general public to cycling in the future’.

"The debate will examine what might change travel behaviours to broaden the popular buy-in to the bicycle for future city travel," said London Transport Museum director Sam Mullins.

London Assembly Member and environmentalist Jenny Jones, and the City of London Police’s David Hargreaves (of the cycling division) will also speak at the event. BBC London radio’s Robert Elms will host the debate, offering audience members chance to quiz the panel.

Mullins added: "Panellists will look at whether cycling can open new opportunities to people who never thought they could live without their car. They will be asking if technology and innovations can help cyclists to safely integrate with other road users and pedestrians and ask if a significant transport innovation is just around the corner?

"Cycling is certainly back in fashion and the launch of the Barclays Cycle hire scheme has raised many people’s awareness, not least my own.

"We are delighted to have such high profile speakers including Richard Thorpe, inventor of the Go-cycle, and Mike Rutherford, the highly respected motoring journalist, with some strong opinions on what the future of transport should look like."

There are more details on the debate here.

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