Having been the recipient of a container full of ‘non-starter’ electric bikes prior to FreeGo’s creation, founder John Heath understands very well many dealer’s reluctance to become involved with the market.

The FreeGo Story

Here he explains how his brand aims to reverse the perception that the electric market will always stutter along…

FreeGo Electric bikes are the culmination of three years of intense research into the electric bike industry. After ordering a container of bikes that were poorly made, it became apparent that for a customer to buy anything that resembled quality, in many cases the price was prohibitive.

After being ‘caught’ once, I (founder, John Heath) became more determined to deliver a top quality electric bike to the market at prices that are very affordable. So FreeGo Electric Bikes was born.

Freego employs its own Chinese staff, not agencies, people who really buy into the culture of quality and reliability. With the right people in place, the right manufacturer was sourced, a manufacturer who could build quality electric bikes, consistently, not just samples.

The UK market has been very cautious of electric bikes. ‘Unreliable, overpriced, can’t get the spares’ – this is the typical perception of the trade.

The Freego warranty really does answer those questions, unreservedly and with no hesitation. The Unique FreeGo warranty says simply this: ‘If during the first year the Freego Electric Bike malfunctions and cannot be repaired within five days, a brand new replacement bike will be given’. An industry first, we believe. No other manufacturer will offer such belt and braces warrantees. This is a true reflection of the confidence that Freego has in its products.

The battery warranty is 24 months, not the usual 12 months, the frame’s is four years, while all other components are covered for 12 months.
The FreeGo brand is aimed at the top-end of the market, but at affordable prices. The Hawk range is all aluminium, holds a 36v lithium ion battery, with a low, medium and high motor control adjuster. It has aluminium wheels, front suspension, lights, rack, six-speed Shimano gears, available in step through or cross bar derivatives, for only £799 at retail.

The Kingfisher is the bike designed and aimed right at the heart of Government’s Cycle to Work scheme, being the very best specification available. In addition to the Hawk, it has twin disc brakes, 250-watt brushless silent motor, quick release fully adjustable handlebar and stem. This gives riders complete personal comfort, no more back aches or shoulder aches. It is available in mountain bike, cross bar or step through, all for £999.
FreeGo electric bikes use only 36v lithium ion and lithium polymer batteries, neither 24-volt, nor lead acid batteries are used.

FreeGo is able to keep production and costs low because it only has productive people– from the chairman, Eric Lane, through to managing director John Heath and new business director Martin Lawrence – everybody is productive and has a defined role within the organisation.

Freego Electric bikes come in a variety of colours, not just the usual black and silver; even in limited edition colours, such as the recently announced ‘pink champagne’, ‘shimmery blue’ and ‘midnight black’.
Currently FreeGo Electric Bikes are actively recruiting dealers in the UK and Europe, not just existing bike shops either. Mobility shops are welcome to make contact as FreeGo electric bikes make a great bedfellow alongside mobility scooters. FreeGo offers 30-day credit facilities and will always be there for our dealers, however small or large they are.

FreeGo Electric bikes can be seen at the Southampton International Boat show in September, where the firm will unveil its new compact, a new small electric bike that goes from bike to luggage in five seconds; it serves as a superb stowaway on boats and is ideal for the regular commuter. In October, exhibition space will also be taken at Cycle Show.

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