Ison's Identiti 666 frame will be available in May and Lloyd Townsend of Ison said this is "set to become the most sought after jump frame for 2002 in the MTB jump market."

The devil take the hindmost?

"Following on from the technical design and reliability of the proven Dr Jekyll frame, we have finally decided to release a full-on cr-mo MTB Identitie jump frame," said Ison’s Lloyd Townsend.

Team Identiti-Relysis jumper Ady Bright has been running prototypes of the 666 for almost a year.

"The last and final version has features that other makers are sure to copy," said Townsend.

He lists the following:

"Full 4130 Cr-Mo frame with gussets. Massive mud clearance. Beefy 22mm stays and pierced wishbone. BMX type BB shell. Optional 24/26" V-plate mounting. However, the real ground breaking exclusive features are rear dropouts that allow chain tensioning for single speed and 100 percent disc brake and gear mech alignment. They also allow immediate wheel release and replacement without altering the original chain tension setting. System Diatech Internal cable detangler allowing bar spins and tail whips to be a reality in MTB jumping. The SD has enough travel to allow the full function of V-brakes and cable operated discs, plus it doesn’t resemble a Christmas tree!"

666 frames will be delivered in May and can be viewed and pre-ordered at the Cycle & Leisure Show, 3rd-5th March, Birmingham NEC.

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