The Little Bike Company specialises in lightweight bicycle products for children.

The bike shop for tots (and with not a BSO in sight)

The Little Bike Company of Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, is a retail and online store specialising in childrens’ bicycles, stocking brands such as Scott, Kokua, Diamondback, Orbea, Moda, Adventure and Frog.

Owners Beth and Simon Timlett opened the retail store in 2012; the website went online in March this year.

The bikes stocked have aluminium frames, apart from the wooden balance bikes.

Beth Timlett said: “We started this business because we were frustrated by the difficulty we found in tracking down good quality, lightweight bikes for children. They do exist, you just need to hunt them down. We felt that what was needed was one place to which one could go and see the best of what’s on offer."

When the business went online there was an emphasis on information provision, especially on sizing.

“We categorise the bikes by age group, wheel size, style of bike and inside leg measurement," said Simon Timlett.

The store doesn’t do BSOs: "We steadfastly refuse to sell ultra-cheap, heavy steel bikes which are not fit for purpose as bicycles for anyone, let alone children.” 

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