There is progression on the male/female ratio of cycle commuters, says Cyclescheme

‘The average cyclist is a MAMIL but that’s only half the story’

Following the 10:10 report, citing a rise in cycle commuters (by 4 per cent since 2011) and an expectation numbers will top 1.2million by 2025, we delved deeper into the stats with cycle to work provider (and author of the report) Cyclescheme. 

The report was based on a poll of nearly 10,000 commuter cyclists, which found that around seven per cent of the working population now cycling to work.

“The Cycling 10:10 report shows that the average cyclist of 2015 plays to the ‘MAMIL’ stereotype, but as averages sometimes do, it only tells half the story,” Daniel Gilborn, Cyclescheme director and general manager, told BikeBiz.

“From our records we’ve seen gradual growth from women of varying ages starting to take to commuting by bike. Ten years ago, it was a very male dominated field and the ratio is yet to balance out today, but we are seeing progression.

“With schemes such as the Breeze Rides, held by British Cycling to encourage women to take up cycling, and a rise in female-focused stores like Bella Velo, we’re starting to create a cycling culture that doesn’t exclude people by gender.

“What we’re also seeing in our cycle commuters is a sense of comradery and inclusion, seven in ten have influenced someone else to start cycling to work. Two thirds also consider themselves addicted to cycling and 61 per cent have started cycling more since taking up cycling to work. This shows us that once people get involved with cycling, they are eager to share their passion. This organic growth is how we see cycling achieving massive growth.”

The report also found that half of cycle commuters cycle outside of work with family and friends and two thirds of cycle commuters say they do so more frequently than originally planned.

While Cyclescheme has been in the business for a decade, the tax-free cycle to work initiative first started in 1999.

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