As a way of promoting the Dudley International track meet on 13-14th August, race promoter Halesowen CC is to send a quiz to bike media, challenging cyclists to find answers to a set of bike-themed questions. The club is seeking quiz prizes from bike trade. The questions range from where the Elswick Hopper was built through to posers that will have even the brainiest cyclists typing keywords into Google...

Testing the cycling nation

"The weekend of 13th and 14th August 2005 sees the return of top class international track racing to the Manor Abbey Stadium following the refurbishment of the track last year," says race promoter Adrian Lord.

"As with our regular Friday track league, there will be races for everyone from age four through to the pensioners We aim to offer fantastic prizes to riders in all categories."

If any bike shops or bike companies want to piggy back on the quiz, email

The quiz will cost a quid to enter. Here are the questions:

Prologue: Who recorded the fastest ever prologue in the Tour de France?

Lance Armstrong has won 6 Tours de France up until 2005, but how many Tour de France prologues has he won?

Stage 1 – South East: What is the traditional venue for the Catford CC hill climb?

What is the name of the CTC headquarters building in Godalming?

The slang name of this SE based club doesn’t matter in French?

Stage 2 – East Coast: Which sea port is at the southern end of National Cycle Network route 1?

In which Humberside town were Elswick Hopper cycles manufactured?

Which seaside resort has a Paragon club?

Stage 3 – Yorkshire: What dessert item is connected with the working life of Beryl Burton?

Name of a York based club – twinned with a Bristol suburb?!

Surname of a Yorkshire born Tour de France veteran and of a Stourbridge CC women’s cyclo-cross star and regular at the Halesowen track league?

Stage 4 – Midlands: In what year was the first Manor Abbey cycle track built?

The surname of a Coventry family famous in the 1960s for cyclo cross and prior to that for mum’s record breaking rides?

Stage 5 – North West: "I’ve found it!" The name of a cyclists’ café on the Wirral.

Before the current velodrome, what was the previous venue for track cycling in Manchester?

Stage 6 – Wales: What is the name of Nicole Cooke’s home town?

What is the name of the mountain biking centre north of Dolgellau?

Stage7 – Scotland: Former hour record breaker who may be able to repair your washing machine?

Peninsular destination for touring cyclists in north-west Scotland that opens the door to the ‘Fellowship’?

Stage 8 – Ireland: A cycle tourist who headed off from Lismore at full tilt in the 1960s?

A hotelier based in the south of France who had a memorable year in 1987?

Stage 9 – Commissaire’s Corner: What, in inches, is the maximum permissible gear for an under 14 year old rider in an event organised under British Cycling rules?

Stage 10 – Cycling celebrities: Name of the German band that had a hit with ‘Tour de France’ in the 1980s and released a new version in 2003?

Which band released an album featuring a free poster of naked female cyclists and what was the name of the album?

Stage 11 – Ancient history: Who patented butted steel cycle tubes in 1897?

Which Coventry family produced the "Ariel" high wheeler, the "Rover" safety cycle and patented the differential gear in the 19th century?

In what year did Charles Challand exhibit the recumbent cycle (Horizontal Bicyclette Normale) at the Geneva bike show?

Stage 12 – Last lap: What is the family name of the famous 1950s Black Country cycling twins, one of whom was the first to record a sub 56 minute 25 mile time trial?

What is the length (in metres) of a lap of the Halesowen track?

What is the date and venue of the 2005 Dudley Grand Prix track meeting?

Tiebreaker: We’re 30 miles from home, it’s all uphill, it’s raining hard with a gale-force headwind, it’s getting dark and there’s no pub or café in sight. Say something to cheer us up in less than 30 words!

Closing date for entries is Friday 5th August.

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