Supermarket giant ramps up bicycle efforts with the opening of in-store 'Bike Shops'

Tesco confirms it has designs on the bike trade

Following rumours of ‘mini bike shops’ being opened within larger Tesco stores in the UK, the supermarket chain has confirmed to BikeBiz that the rumours are true, and that it has introduced a ‘Bike Shop’ concept to several of its stores.

Tesco revealed that seven outlets have seen the introduction of ‘Bike Shops’, including Chesterfield and West Durrington, and that the ‘shop within a shop’ is also offering to build the bikes it stocks by trained staff – thought to be the first time a supermarket has offered the service.

A Tesco spokesperson told BikeBiz: “We launched Bike Shops in seven of our stores before Christmas. These stores had a specific area for bikes and offered the option to have the bike assembled.

“They have been very popular with customers who have appreciated having trained experts to help them pick the right bike and assemble it. Our West Durrington store is the latest to open with a Bike Shop.”

The supermarket giant also confirmed that it might introduce ‘Bike Shops’ to other Tesco outlets – depending on customer response to them.

“We will continue to monitor what our customers think about our Bike Shops and we will look to see where else we can introduce them.”

The cycle trade has already voiced its concerns over the involvement of supermarkets in the cycle industry. Last June, Asda launched a range of British Eagle BSOs – Bike Shaped Objects – to widespread outcry from the trade, concerned that proliferation of BSOs would put consumers off cycling. Lidl also entered cycle retail in June when it stocked the Ultegra specced Stratos road bikes.

Following rumours, Raleigh confirmed it hasn’t worked with Tesco on the ‘Bike Shop’ concept.

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