Tern launches Bosch-powered e-bike

Bike brand Tern has announced that it will launch a new electric bike via a Kickstarter campaign.

Created in collaboration with Bosch, the modern folding bike (named the Turn Vektron) is designed to combat common e-bike issues such as portability, storage and theft.

“Electric bikes are fundamentally transforming the way people get around in cities,” stated Josh Hon, founder and team captain of Tern. “They flatten hills, make headwinds disappear, and shorten commute times – that’s why people love them. But, they’re really hard to put in a car or take on public transport. And most electric bikes are difficult to store in downtown apartments, leaving them vulnerable to theft. The Vektron solves these issues.”

The bike features a low-step frame and a patented adjustable stem, which will comfortably fit anyone from 4’10 in height to 6’5. The bike is designed to be adjusted in under a minute and can be fitted with an included rack, and a child seat.

Bosch motors are calibrated to a bike’s wheel size, meaning the 20” Vektron is capable of cruising at 20mph (dependent on legal restrictions) and can accelerate faster than bikes with larger wheels.

“There’s a reason that a Vespa is designed with small wheels,” says Joakim Uimonen, design director of Tern. With small wheels you get punchy acceleration, a more maneuverable ride in traffic, and plenty of space between the wheels and rider for cargo-carrying. The Vektron brings together all of these benefits, plus it folds into a small bundle. Try putting a Vespa under your desk.”

The bike is currently available to back via the Kickstarter page here and will be available until mid-November. 

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