Earlier in the week, Quentin Wilson was wheeled out on Radio 4's Today programme as a pro-motoring, anti-cyclist spokesperson. Channel 4 newsreader was the pro-cyclist. R4 then challenged Wilson, ex presenter of BBC1's Top Gear, to a session of cycle training to see if he'd change his views on cyclists. He did, big-time.

Telly driver says he now loves cycling

The producer of the slot emailed the CTC:

“We trained Quentin Wilson last Thursday. He loved riding and said he would buy a bike. He even agreed that it is not cyclists that should justify using a bike but drivers who choose to drive journeys under five miles.

"I think that the sequel to todays report is a bit of a coup: the car man vowing to take up cycling and expressing regret that he hadn’t done this 26 years ago…"

Wilson was trained by David Dansky of Cycle Training UK Ltd.

"He [Quentin] is a complete convert to cycling – he loved it. Given that he hadn’t cycled for a long time, he responded very well to the training, and we ended up cycling round Elephant and Castle roundabout together."


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