Team Sky to stay riding with Kickr's.

Team Sky to continue relationship with Wahoo indoor trainers

Team Sky will continue to train exclusively with Wahoo’s KICKR Power Trainer.

Wahoo Fitness of America produces indoor trainers and smartphone-connected fitness devices.

Team Sky will be provided with KICKR indoor trainers for use during the racing season, for pre-race warm up and post-race cool down, and each rider will be provided with at-home KICKRs.

Carsten Jeppesen, head of technical operations for Team Sky said. “We feel the KICKR provides the best and most realistic feeling ride of any trainer on the market, and the customized power based workouts offer the perfect training sessions for our riders.”

Chip Hawkins, CEO of Wahoo Fitness said: “Having athletes of this calibre on our products enables us access to valuable feedback as we continue to add additional features to our existing products and expand our entire product offering.”

Using Bluetooth 4.0 and ANT+ technology, the KICKR Power Trainer connects to a wide range of smartphones, tablets, and PCs, allowing resistance control during training sessions. While pedalling, users can increase or decrease resistance, structure interval workouts or simulate real-world bike courses from their connected devices.

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