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TaYa taps into single speed and fixie markets

Can you fill us in on some of the brand’s history?
TaYa began when Ta Tung Industrial was producing roller chains in the Taipei area. When Ta Tung decided to close their plant in Taiwan, the grandfather of current TaYa sales director Jill Wu succeeded the technologies and facilities and went on to establish TaYa Chain.

From 1969 TaYa was producing bicycle chains, motorcycle chains and industrial chains for the respective markets. Only when the company was passed onto the second generation did it start to focus solely on producing quality bicycle chains.

Like Bohle, TaYa is a family business. Now in its third generation, Jill Wu and her brother Jasper Wu head the TaYa operation. Jill began her career with the company in 1997 and her brother Jasper joined in 2002.

With the benefit of a close family and strong relationships, TaYa was able to devote itself to ongoing research and development – that commitment to development is evident in the company to this day.

What are the hero products for the brand? Does it serve all the sectors of the bicycle market?
That would be the TaYa Sigma Connector. It has been patented now for 19 years and is the most popular and well-known TaYa product around the world. TaYa have sold over 19 million sets to date. The Sigma Connector series covers the whole TaYa chain range, but more importantly are fully compatible with other chain brands in the market.

What can you tell us about the environmentally-friendly developments for Taya Chain products like the Green Surface Treatment?
Greener Surface Treatment, or GST, was developed because the environment plays a fundamental role in the research and development of TaYa products.

GST has a unique range of corrosion protection coatings to meet the demand for corrosion resistant specifications in the bicycle industry today. As environmental issues continue to be a catalyst for change, TaYa has consistently and continually engineered solutions that avoid, or completely minimise pollution risks. TaYa’s GST is 100 per cent free of hexavalent chrome compounds and complies with the environmental standards REACH, CPSIA and RoHS.

The Super Single-α picked up a Eurobike Award in 2010 and a Taiwan Excellence Award this year. Can you tell us about the product?
The Super Single-α is designed for e-bikes and bikes with internal gear hubs. The half-link design makes it much easier to adjust the chain length and also lasts much longer thanks to its half-link strength. The GST coating keeps the chain rust free for 500 hours. Compare this to a traditional chrome-plated chain that has just 45 rust-free hours. The hollow parts of the chain achieve a remarkable reduction in weight and lighter bikes make for faster riders. The asymmetric shape holds the chain tighter with the gear and reduces the chance of slipping, which gives piece of mind to the rider. The lightweight strong design is great for Single Speed, premium hub-gear bikes and e-bikes.

Are there any other stand-out innovations from the brand?
The innovative Diamond Hard Treatment is available on TaYa’s nine, ten and 11-speed chains, providing excellent performance and durability with minimal wear to the chainwheel. It is adapted not only to the pin, but on all the related parts. Thanks to DHT, the expected chain life can be anywhere between 3,000 to 5,000 km.

Components in vibrant colours seems to be trending – has TaYa found that to be the case and does it have any products to appeal to that market?
The single speed and fixie markets are no doubt becoming more and more prevalent here. TaYa offers a range of coloured chains with anti-corrosion Teflon coating or an anti-scratch painted layer. They are available in 1/8” or 3/32” specifications including TB-910, TB-980, 410H, 408H and 410B.

What’s coming up in the next 12 months? Any hints on forthcoming product lines?
There will be more innovation of GST, with an 11-speed chain and more colours across the single speed range.
In addition, TaYa is also bringing out a 30-metre small roll package for manufacturers, or workshops.

How can dealers get in touch and stock the brand?
The full TaYa range can be sourced through Bohle UK. For more information email

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