In a ten-page fitness feature, Future's iPhone/iPad magazine picks "essential" Bike Hub as only bicycle app.

Tap! plugs industry-owned satnav app

In a cover-lead feature, Tap! writer Anthony Grimley demonstrates how he used free and paid for iPhone apps, and accessories, to get fit over a seven day period. He picked classic apps such as CrunchFu (for sit-ups) and Nike running apps. The Bike Hub journey planner and satnav app was his only cycle-related app.

The Bike Hub app was placed at the top of his list of the three best apps. Also reviewed in the feature was Biologic’s iPhone handlebar mount which was picked out as one of the "essential fitness" items.

Grimley wrote: "I want to enjoy getting fit and healthy. What better way than with a gentle bike ride?"

"I’ve always wanted to cycle to a village near Bath called Newton St Low…I’m using the Bike Hub Journey planner app (free)…and mounted my iPhone on the handlebars with the Biologic Bike Mount (£40).

"I’ve opted for the ‘Quietest Route’ to the village – away from traffic, and avoiding hills. The app works like a car sat-nav, except it’s routed me along the cycle path where possible. I’m watching the ‘distance to finish’ tick down. I’ve forgotten this is a work-out."

The Bike Hub app – which also comes in an Android flavour – is paid for by the Bike Hub levy and features a GPS-based bike shop finder as well as cycle-specific satnav functionality.

Hi-res images of the Tap! review can be viewed here.

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