Tannus to showcase new Armour insert at COREBike 2019

Moore Large will debut Korean tyre brand Tannus at COREbike this year.

The brand was added to the Moore Large portfolio in September 2018 and will be showcasing the latest addition to the Tannus lineup – the Armour.

Developed with Tannus’ Aither technology, the Armour is aimed at riders using a tube setup as opposed to tubeless.

Youngki Lee, CEO and head of research and development at Tannus, said: “We have the ability to change the properties of the Aither for different uses.

“In comparison to the Aither in our airless tyres, for example, the Amour is a lighter, more springy and shock absorbing, foam compound.”

The brand said it gives the rider better flat protection and the ability to ride at a lower psi without getting a pinch flat.

Designed to be used in conjunction with a clincher tyre and inner-tube combo, it sits between the inner-tube and tyre.

At its thickest point, the top of the Armour is around 15mm, which combined with a tyre provides in excess of 20mm of puncture protection.

The walls are around 2mm thick and encase the inner tube, providing additional lateral protection from punctures to the sidewall as well as pinch flats.

Tannus say the Armour is as easy to set up as a standard tyre/tube combo and requires no special tools or added maintenance.

Visitors will be able to see a full demonstration of the features and how to fit the product.

The Armour is due to come to market in March 2019. Sizes available are below.

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