Tannus awarded patent commendation from South Korean Government

Tannus has been awarded the 2019 IP-R&D Outstanding Institution Award by the South Korean Government in recognition of the brand’s work to secure its intellectual property.

The prize, awarded and presented by the Korean Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy on 29th November, celebrates outstanding activities related to intellectual property in 2019, in which Tannus has worked to safeguard its research, development and technology that has led to products such as Armour.

Lee Young-ki, CEO of Tannus, said: “We are proud to accept the 2019 IP-R&D Outstanding Institution Award, after years of extensive work to affirm and secure patents for our industry-leading technologies.

“The award is a testament to our position as R&D experts in our field and means that it becomes almost impossible to invalidate our patents in South Korea since they’re recognised by KIPO.

“With the backing of the South Korean Government and KIPO, our patent position is also strengthened in other countries thanks to Korea’s position as a prominent nation in the quaternary economic sector.

“Tannus is always focused on the environment and health. Our main goal is to develop products like Armour that can help increase the use of bicycles while reducing the amount of waste generated by tyres and tubes.

“We are honoured to be recognised among the top patent-generating companies in Korea, affirming our position as a leading technology company in this field.”

Since 2016, Tannus has invested time to create the strongest patents for its current and future technologies and products. Utilising a specially-convened team of expert patent attorneys from the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO), more than 60,000 tyre-related patents worldwide were researched and analysed.

Jazz Walia, Tannus international sales director, said: “The news that Tannus has been commended with this patent award is a testament to all the hard work that’s been done behind the scenes to create and protect its industry-leading products.

“Since Tannus’ inception, we have achieved so much, however, Armour is a true game-changer for the cycle industry.”

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