Foot and mouth hasn’t cripple Falcon, as Tandem Group plc reports better results and a £5m paydown of debt

Tandem reports healthy profits

Tandem Group PLC released its annual results earlier this morning and said the figures for its cycles and accessories activities in the first quarter of the current year are ahead year-on-year despite the inclement weather in early spring and the foot and mouth crisis.

The group reported healthy results for the year to Jan 31 showing profits well ahead of the previous period. Pretax profit was £1.66m compared with just £71,000 on turnover of £26.m, up from £21.2m.

Basic earnings per share before goodwill amortisation were 1.21 pence, up from 0.01 pence.

Chairman Graham Waldron said that Falcon continues to produce solid returns in a highly competitive market and both the group’s acquisitions, Pot Black and Two Wheel Trading (acquired on 28 September 2000 for an aggregate consideration of £1,938,000, including costs), have responded well to joining the fold.

Having established a firm position in the sports and leisure equipment market, the group now has a solid base from which to expand, he said. Further acquisitions in this sector are being sought and a number of opportunities have been identified

already, he said.

This refers, in part, to the widely expected acquisition of Dawes by Tandem.

"However, we will take a cautious approach to ensure the successful trend we have developed continues," said Waldron.

Waldron said the group was delighted to have been awarded a prestigious mountain bike contract with BMW. He said discussions continue with BMW about increasing volumes later in the year which he said should translate into higher turnover and improved gross margin for this range.

In 1997 the group had a turnover of £60.9m but made a pre-tax loss of £3.37. Some of the group’s businesses were then sold – including horse race courses – in order to pay down the debt and keep the group solvent.

In 1998 the losses reduced to £2.22m but shot up to £5.82 in 1999.

In the year to January 2001, turnover at Tandem increased by 25 percent and the bank debt was reduced by over £5m.

Waldron said:

"After several years of downscaling, I am pleased to report that we have made significant and profitable progress this year in our quest to become a broadly based sports and leisure equipment group.

"Despite the inclement weather in early spring and the Foot and Mouth

situation, the results for our cycles and accessories businesses in the first quarter were ahead of last year.

“Turnover of the Group’s bicycle business, Falcon, grew in line with

expectations. Unit sales of bicycles increased over the previous year but a strong demand for lower priced products saw a fall in average unit prices. However, tight control of costs and an improved product range enabled Falcon’s profits to be ahead of last year.

“The division includes the results of Two Wheel Trading for the last four months of the financial year, which traditionally is a loss making period for that business. Investment has been made in strengthening the sales operation to take advantage of a number of opportunities that have become available as a result of Two Wheel Trading joining the Group.”

“Two Wheel Trading has successfully secured new distributorships for branded accessories, including Tioga, a well known and heavily marketed mountain bike brand in the USA, with a good brand recognition in the UK. The strategy of consolidating distribution through the wholesale sector and expanding the retail division is working well. The sales team has been strengthened and the

marketing of major brands improved.

“The synergies between Falcon and Two Wheel Trading will lead to further reductions in cost and expansion of the customer base.”

Consolidated profit and loss account

Year ended 31 January 2001

2001 2000

£’000 £’000 £’000 £’000


Continuing operations 22,112 21,181

Acquisitions 4,355 –

Discontinued operations 33 45

26,500 21,226

Cost of sales (19,840) (16,159)

Gross profit 6,660 5,067

Net operating expenses (5,883) (4,460)

Operating profit

Continuing operations 439 365

Acquisitions 334 –

Discontinued operations (274) 66

– release/utilisation of prior year 317 176


Amortisation of goodwill (39) –

Total operating profit 777 607

Exceptional profit on disposal of – 59

fixed assets

Profit on ordinary activities before interest 777 666

Net interest payable and similar credits 885 (595)


Profit on ordinary activities before taxation 1,662 71

Tax on profit on ordinary activities – 3/4

Profit on ordinary activities after taxation 1,662 71

Non equity minority interests (65) (65)

Profit for the financial year transferred to reserves 1,597 6

Earnings per share Pence Pence


Before goodwill amortisation 1.21 0.01

After goodwill amortisation 1.18 0.01


Before goodwill amortisation 1.16 0.01

After goodwill amortisation 1.13 0.01

Consolidated balance sheet

At 31 January 2001

2001 2000

£’000 £’000

Fixed assets

Tangible assets 1,514 1,103

Intangible assets 2,260 –

3,774 1,103

Current assets

Stocks 6,010 3,806

Assets for resale – 586

Debtors 4,187 3,015

10,197 7,407

Creditors – amounts falling due within one year

Bank overdraft 4,175 9,351

Other creditors 7,724 3,513

11,899 12,864

Net current liabilities (1,702) (5,457)

Total assets less current liabilities 2,072 (4,354)

Creditors – amounts falling due after more than 50 22

one year

Provisions for liabilities and charges 129 446

Net assets/(liabilities) 1,893 (4,822)

Capital and reserves

Called up share capital 9,046 4,703

Share premium account 5,040 4,280

Capital reserve 406 406

Profit and loss account (13,739) (15,394)

Equity shareholders’ funds/(deficit) 753 (6,005)

Non-equity minority interests 1,140 1,183

1,893 (4,822)

Statement of movements on reserves

Year ended 31 January 2001

Share Profit

Premium Capital and


Account Reserve Account Total

£’000 £’000 £’000 £’000

The Group

Balance at 1 February 2000 4,280 406 (15,394) (10,708)

Profit retained for the year – – 1,597 1,597

Non equity dividends waived – – 58 58

Net premium arising on issue 760 – – 760

of shares

Balance at 31 January 2001 5,040 406 (13,739) (8,293)

Consolidated cash flow statement

Year ended 31 January 2001

Notes 2001 2000

£’000 £’000

Net cash inflow from operating activities A 3,064 2,365

Returns on investments and servicing of finance

Interest paid (842) (961)

Interest element of hire purchase rentals (4) (7)

Bank fees paid (398) –

Net cash outflow from returns on investments and servicing (1,244) (968)

of finance

Taxation – –

Capital expenditure

Purchase of tangible fixed assets (74) (80)

Sale of tangible fixed assets 8 4,574

Sale of assets held for resale 349 –

Net cash inflow from capital expenditure 283 4,494


Purchase of subsidiary undertakings (1,305) –

Net debt of subsidiary undertakings acquired (2,212) –

Purchase of subsidiary company preference shares (15) –

Net cash outflow from acquisitions (3,532) –

Net cash (outflow)/inflow before financing (1,429) 5,891


Ordinary shares issue 4,580 –

Expenses incurred in issue of ordinary shares (489) –

Capital element of hire purchase rentals (25) (76)

Net cash inflow/(outflow) from financing 4,066 (76)

Increase in cash B & C 2,637 5,815

Notes to consolidated cash flow statement

A. Reconciliation of operating profit to net cash inflow from

operating activities

2001 2000

£’000 £’000

Operating profit 777 607

Depreciation charges 298 246

Amortisation of goodwill 39 –

Profit on sale of tangible fixed assets (4) (2)

Loss on sale of assets held for resale 237 –

Decrease in stocks 141 2,436

Decrease in debtors 467 1,509

Decrease/(increase) in assets held for resale – (586)

Tangible fixed assets transferred to assets held for – 79


Increase/(decrease) in creditors 1,426 (1,596)

Release of provisions:

– continuing activities – (152)

– discontinued activities (317) (176)

Net cash inflow from operating activities 3,064 2,365

B. Reconciliation of net cash inflow to movement in

net debt


Increase in cash 2,637

Cash to repay finance leases and hire purchase 25


Changes in net debt resulting from cash flows 2,662

Other non-cash changes 2,539

Lease and hire purchase obligations acquired with (42)

purchase of businesses

Movement in net debt in the year 5,159

Net debt at 1 February 2000 (9,374)

Net debt at 31 January 2001 (4,215)

C. Analysis

of net debt

At Cash Non-cash Acquired lease At

flow obligations

1 February movement 31 January

2000 2001

£’000 £’000 £’000 £’000 £’000

Bank (9,351) 2,637 2,539 – (4,175)


Hire (23) 25 – (42) (40)



(9,374) 2,662 2,539 (42) (4,215)

Notes to the preliminary results

1. This preliminary announcement is not the company’s statutory accounts

but extracts therefrom. Statutory accounts dealing with the financial period

ended 31 January 2000 have been delivered to the Registrar of Companies,

however, statutory accounts dealing with the financial year ended 31 January

2001 have not yet been delivered.

2. In the audit report to the 31 January 2000 annual financial

statements the auditors emphasised the fact that the Company met its day to

day working capital requirements through certain overdraft facilities, which

were repayable on demand. The audit report did not contain a statements under

s237 (2) or (3) Companies Act 1985.

3. Net interest payable and similar charges/(credits) is analysed as


2001 2000

£’000 £’000

Interest payable on bank loans and overdrafts 842 961

Interest payable on hire purchase creditors 4 7

Foreign exchange gain on bank loan – (373)

Bank debt written off (2,160) –

Bank fees 429 –

(885) 595

4. The statutory accounts for the year ended 31 January 2001 will be

finalised on the basis of the financial information presented by the directors

in this preliminary announcement and will be delivered to the registrar of

companies following the company’s annual general meeting.

5. The calculation of basic earnings per share is based on profits of £

1,597,000 (2000 – £6,000) and on an average of 135,685,534 (2000 – 94,069,754)

ordinary shares in issue during the year. Diluted earnings per share is after

taking into consideration share options which gives an average of 140,927,456

(2000 – 94,535,509) ordinary shares.

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