Member organisations of the Comité de Liaison des Fabricant Européens de Biciclettes unanimously re-elect René Takens as president of the Euro bike trade body.

Takens re-elected president of COLIBI

Takens, CEO of the Accell Group, ha served one term as president, from 2000 through 2003.

Founded in 1973, COLIBI is a grouping of 10 national bicycle associations in 10 EU member states.

The UK’s Bicycle Association is not a member, see the linked story below.

COLIBI’s objectives are to defend the interests of the European bicycle industry and to study issues pertinent to the development and the future of bicycles and the bicycle industry in general.

COLIBI, together with COLIPED (Association of the European Two-wheeler Parts’ & Accessories’ Industry), is

currently grappling with EU enlargement in 2004, innovation policies, the promotion of the European (CEN) safety standard and VAT reduction.

“A constructive dialogue with all partners involved in the bicycle world remains the basis of future success. To reach our goals, we will therefore further our relationship with the industry, other associations and policy makers” said Takens.

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