It's all work, work, work at Interbike. But do spouses believe this? 'Course not. So bring 'em. These three couples did.

Take the sting out of Sin City

Most of the industry individuals who stay in Las Vegas for Interbike are on their lonesomes. Telling their other halves that it’s ‘work’ is a hard sell, especially when the City of Lost Wages markets itself with ‘What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas’: a location for lust, a hotbed of late-night salaciousness. 

Explaining that attending Interbike is hard-graft – and not round-the-clock cabana canoodling – is easier when your other half is with you.

These three industry couples have managed to combine work with pleasure, finding time to see each other on the show floor during the day, and spending quality time with each other at night.

Husband and wife Tom Morris and Sian Emmison of the UK own Bobbin Bicycles of London, a boutique bicycle store. The company is now branching out into distribution of its Dutch bikes and retro shopping bikes. Bobbin’s North American importer is On The Fourth of Toronto, Canada.

Megan Nordin works for Sock Guy and is able to share Vegas with hubby Al Nordin, president of NuVinci, the CVT hub company owned by Fallbrook Technologies.

Al Nordin was formerly in the automotive business.

Julie Kelly, formerly of Canaari cycle wear, is married to Rich Kelly, Interbike’s marketing and communications director.

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