It's a wee bit late but Taiwan Products News Bureau has sent out a press release crowing about the success of Taiwanese bike products in July's Tour de France, including the ONCE team's Giant bikes. "Aggressive Taiwanese companies" are "taking the top-end of the bicycle industry by storm," says the PR outfit.

Taiwan’s tour de force in the Tour de France

In a press release headline ‘Taiwanese bike maker Giant comes out on top in Tour de France’, the Taiwan Products News Bureau is keen to stress the emergence of Taiwanese products in the world’s biggest annual sporting event.

The Giant-riding ONCE team won the team competition.

"Giant is at the head of a line-up of aggressive Taiwanese companies that are taking the top-end of the bicycle industry by storm," said Warwick J Fahy of the Taiwan Products News Bureau.

"Through a combination of intensive R&D, product development, precision manufacturing, marketing and branding, firms like Giant, Merida, Promax, Martec and Kinesis are moving into the market’s top tier, which has traditionally been dominated by small European firms like Colnago, Pinarrello and De Rosa."

And a successful Tour is cost-effective, said Tony Lo, president of Giant Manufacturing:

"Five years ago, consumers looked at the Giant brand and said, `Yes, it’s a good product, very reliable, very nice.’ But now they look upon Giant and know that we’re in the top racing scene. We have a lot of innovation and, of course, if you’re in the Tour de France, you are very, very reliable."

As the flag bearer of the Taiwanese bicycle industry, said the release from the Taiwan Products News Bureau, Giant has often been held up as an example for the island’s traditional industries to follow.

"Under the combined influences of lagging exports and increased competition from mainland China factories – many of which are owned and operated by Taiwanese firms – traditional manufacturing is turning to innovation, branding and high-end manufacturing to stay profitable."

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