Citing factors such as anti-dumping tariffs, carbon fibre shortages, aluminium price hikes and component delay problems, two government stats measuring services say bike exports from Taiwan are down by 7.3 per cent and value has dropped by 9.23 per cent.

Taiwan’s bike industry slumps

The figures are quoted on CENS, the Chinese Economic News Service wire and have been released by the government-sponsored Industrial Economics and Knowledge Center (IEKC) and the Industry and Technology Intelligence Services (ITIS).

CENS reports that Taiwan’s complete-bicycle exports declined 4.9 per cent in the first quarter to $262.46m, while exports of bicycle parts dropped 7.3 per cent to $158.46. This is said to be because the EU has started levying anti-dumping tariffs on bicycles made in China and Vietnam, indirectly impacting the supply chain of bicycle and parts makers in Taiwan.

The production value of complete bicycles in Taiwan dropped 9.23 per cent year on year in the first half, to $434.24m. The output of bicycle parts climbed by 0.58 per cent to $320.52m.

According to IEK-ITIS, many factors "derailed the smooth export of Taiwan bicycle and parts."

These include the EU-levied anti-dumping tariffs; the delayed supply of components from Shimano; and a supply shortage of carbon-fibre.

"To ride out this period of hardship, Taiwan complete-bike makers have been aggressively trying to drive up the sales of high-level models domestically, and are also busy developing newer and better products to meet the demands of women and older riders," said a report from IEK-ITIS.

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