The Industrial Development Bureau (IDB) of Taiwan's Ministry of Economic Affairs is to start an "industry-upgrading project" in 2006, reports the China Economic News Service. Dubbed the A2 project, the aim of the IDB is to bring second-tier manufacturers up to the same technological heights as Giant and Merida, boosting the average sale price of Taiwan-produced bikes and parts.

Taiwan government to subsidize bike parts makers

Statistics compiled by IDB showed that in 2004 the island exported about 5.03 million bikes at an average unit price of $164.4.

CENS reports that IDB officials say the global bike sales come in three price segments: " the third level (for commuting purpose) of under US$80, the second level (commuting/ recreational purposes) of US$80 to US$200, and the first level (recreational/racing purposes) of over US$200. About 10% of Taiwan’s bike exports belong to the top-end racing models."

IDB has previously helped both Giant and Merida with their carbon fibre programmes. The IDB’s A1 project also led to the formation of the ‘A-team’, an alliance between 20+ companies involved in Taiwan’s bike industry.

The A2 project will be focused on the bike-parts sector rather than the complete-bike sector.…/20050518015.htm&daily=1

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