E-bike firm signs up former Lego exec to build sales in Sweden

Swedes to go electric with Powabyke

UK electric bike firm Powabyke has expanded its global presence by targeting the Swedish cycle market.

To break the territory, Powabyke has drawn on the skills of Henrik Olander, a former senior marketer and sales director at Black and Decker and Lego with ten years of experience in retail.

Olander has firm plans for Powabyke’s expansion into Sweden. He told BikeBiz: “In 2010 we will sell 1,400 bikes, and we expect the potential of the electric bikes to be 20 per cent of the total bicycle market as this has been the experience in Holland.”

He enthused: “The Swedes are really going to like it. I have been interested in electric bikes for a while and have thoroughly researched the products available. Powabykes are by far the best on the market.”

Powabyke’s products, including the recently introduced X-byke, meet Sweden’s tight legislation on electric bikes.

Olander added: “I have a background in the power tool industry and I see the same phenomena in the electric bike market as in power tools. Private label products with low quality and low price are available everywhere.

“This may help build the market as the opening pricepoint is lower, but the aftersales is very expensive and there is a risk of negative word of mouth from people with a bad experience of a low quality electric bike.”

Nick Child, the founder and MD of Powabyke, explained the reasoning behind the move to BikeBiz: “With the new X-Byke range we decided to ‘hold’ all export agreements during 2009 until we had established the product on the UK market, so we are just starting our export drive now.”

Child revealed that Sweden is just the tip of the iceberg of Powabyke’s global plans. He said: “Sweden and Australia are our first success stories and we have distributors from several other EU countries showing interest too.”

“We are looking for distribution partners in most territories so please do contact us.”

Trade reaction to the new X-Byke has already proved positive, according to Child: “We are really pleased with the response from the trade to the X-Byke.

“As the market is maturing many more dealers are holding stock with X-Bykes available for demonstrations –this creates a ‘win win’ for all of us, with increased sales leads, conversions and sales.”

Powabyke: 01225 443737

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