Non-folding bikes now allowed on railway during off-peak times

Sustrans welcomes decision to allow bikes on Dockland Light Railway

Sustrans has welcomed Transport for London’s decision to allow non-folding bicycles on the Docklands Light Railway during off-peak hours.

Sustrans’ London director, German Dector-Vega, said: “This is a real step forward that will benefit many Londoners. Especially those who live further away from their workplaces and would like to cycle some of their journey, to people just being caught in the rain.

“We’d like to see more operating companies following this and other similar approaches, like more cycle hubs such as the one at Peckham Rye built in partnership between TfL, Southwark Council and Southern Railway to make it easier for people to bring bicycles on trains.’

“With more people than ever using a combination of bike and train for their daily journeys, things like simple and consistent rules for bicycles on trains across all train operators can make a massive difference.”

If you hadn’t already come across it, The Flat Tyre Tube Map is a pretty handy guide to which London trainlines now allow bicycles.

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