Labour's London Mayoral candidate Sadiq Khan has promised more segregated bike lanes in his manifesto.

Sustrans welcomes cycle support in Sadiq Khan’s London manifesto

Labour’s London Mayoral candidate, Sadiq Khan, has launched his manifesto with promises of more segregated bike lanes and a walking and cycling bridge across the Thames between the Isle of Dogs and Rotherhithe.

Acting Director of Sustrans London, Matt Winfield, said: "Promising more segregated cycle lanes, quieter routes on back streets, action on dangerous junctions and safer lorries are all positive steps. As is support for Sustrans’ much-needed bike bridge over the Thames between Rotherhithe and the Isle of Dogs."

"Our growing city will get ever more crowded, congested and polluted unless we take bold steps to make green travel more viable. Making our streets safer will encourage more Londoners to ride or walk, freeing up space on the Tube and buses."

Sustrans carried out a feasibility study for a walking and cycling bridge over the Thames at Rotherhithe last year. The bridge will make it easier for people to reach key destinations including Canary Wharf, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and Stratford, Canada Water and Peckham, and relieve pressure on the London Underground Jubilee line and London Overground services.

It will drive further increases in people cycling in London halving journey times for thousands travelling by bicycle across the river.

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