'A quarter of British people already don't have access to a car'

Sustrans urges rethink on calls to cut fuel duty

Shadow secretary Ed Balls has urged the Government to ‘do the right thing’ and delay August’s 3p rise in fuel duty (BBC). 

However, sustainable transport charity has urged against ‘popular short term moves’ to put off the rise and called on the Government to invest in a transport system for all.

Sustrans criticised Labour’s plan, which it said was ‘forcing people into expensive car ownership’.

"There is clearly a problem when hard-working families are facing difficult decisions about whether they can even afford to get to work, or do the weekly shop," commented Sustrans policy director Jason Torrance. "We need investment in a transport system that gives us all a choice in how we get around.

"While reducing fuel duty may seem popular in the short-term, it’ll do little to help us all get around for our everyday journeys. A quarter of British people already don’t have access to a car. Labour’s plan does nothing for them, instead forcing people into expensive car ownership.

"Wholesale fuel prices are only going to go up and up so we need a transport system that we can all use – the government must make our buses and trains more affordable and reliable, improve rural public transport and make our towns and cities safe for walking and cycling."

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