...the online database from which the print directory will be produced has a natty little feature that isn't being used enough...

Suppliers: thanks for the B3 data updates but…

The online BikeBizBible has three search methods. The two most obvious searches are by business name or by brand. But there’s a third way: ‘Brands distributed by a certain supplier.’

This is the last option in the pull down menu and can be used by a supplier to check whether we have all of their represented brands.

For instance, here are the 41 brands you’ll get from Madison (cue an email from Richard Peploe…).


We’ve been getting a number of emails from suppliers who aren’t using this feature. Instead, they appear to be searching all of their brands individually and alphabetically, missing some out in the process.

The online BikeBizBible – updated daily – can be found here:


The print directory is now back in the production pipeline and will be run from this database. Check all details now.

And squeeze in those last-minute ads, bikebizads@mac.com

The BikeBizBible will be sent free-of-charge to all those British bike shops on the monthly-refreshed BicycleBusiness mailing list.

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