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Superstrata Oxford debuts at Selfridges’ new bike shop

Superstrata is debuting its Oxford edition at Selfridges’ new bike shop.

Selfridges has branched out to cycling with the opening of its first-ever bike shop inside its Oxford Street flagship. The Bike Shop is the latest concept to take over the department store’s The Corner Shop and will see the space transformed into an electric vehicle destination complete with e-bikes, apparel and exclusive gear.

“There couldn’t be a better time to open The Bike Shop at Selfridges,” said Rob Smith, head of partnerships at Smartech, on the Selfridges website. “As we emerge from lockdown, we’ve seen an increased focus on health and wellness, looking after the environment and, most importantly, safety. E-bikes speak to all these concerns, and customers can expect to find the ultimate edit of the most innovative brands of tomorrow, today.”

The Superstrata Oxford edition is only available from this store. It will be showcased, suspended on a Vadolibero’s Vertik, next to a classic Penny Farthing bike. It will be behind glass so visitors won’t be able to touch or ride it, but the brand is offering the opportunity to sign up and get a chance to ride one as soon as its additional bikes arrive in London at a later date.

The Oxford edition comes in both the classic (C) and e-bike (E) versions, priced at £4,999 for the Superstrata Oxford C, and £6,499 for the Superstrata Oxford E.

To pre-order the bike, shoppers will need to scan a QR code, which gives access to Superstrata’s secret purchase links for anyone considering buying one for themselves. The code is also integrated in a brand new Superstrata Oxford edition video.

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