SunGod introduces new Infinite 100% recycled frames

SunGod is introducing its Infinite 100% recycled frame option across its range of lifestyle and performance sunglasses.

The new Infinite frame has been developed through ‘meticulous’ quality controls and discussions with the manufacturing team and SunGod said it has ensured that its manufacturing process can function as a complete life-cycle. The newly integrated supply chain uses waste polymer material which is then melted down, and injection moulded into a new full-frame piece.

By utilising its current manufacturing process but with waste materials, SunGod is ensuring the same build quality and durability as the previous SunGod product throughout the complete range without the use of raw material. The frames remain ‘light as ever’, said the brand, at the same weight as the non-recycled version of each model.

As with the normal SunGod range, Infinite frames will be interchangeable and customisable with other lenses and ear socks of the same model design.

Ali Watkiss, CEO and founder at SunGod, said: “We’ve always set out as a brand to practice what we preach on the topics of sustainability. We were incredibly proud to offer customers a lifetime guarantee to avoid products going in the bin unnecessarily.

“Now, we are able to continue the lifecycle of plastic waste by putting it back into circulation as another pair of glasses.”

For more information on the new range and all of SunGod’s sunglasses, visit

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