The money to secure the deal was wired through last week. The Taiwanese manufacturer now adds internal hub gears to its current line up of mechs and other components

Sun Race buys Sturmey Archer

The company’s resin mechs recently wowed the product speccers at Derby Cycle Corporation’s week-long in-house show-us-what-you’ve-got ‘trade show’ in Taiwan.

That Sun Race was one of the key bidders was obvious when George Hu of Sun Race USA turned up at Sturmey’s first creditors’ meeting. He was sporting an unmissable black shirt with Sun Race emblazoned on the back.

It is believed that Sturmey Eurupa BV, the company which used to handle Sturmey’s exports into Europe, will now perform the same function for Sun Race. The renamed company will also distribute Sun Race products into Europe.

20 container loads of tooling, accessories, and spare parts will soon be shipped to the 8-floor Sun Race factory in Taiwan. The company has bought the intellectual property rights of Sturmey Archer, as well as some machinery and "work in progress".

The forthcoming auction of Sturmey’s factory machinery will still go ahead. Only one or two items in the Savills catalogue were nabbed by Sun Race, the rest were pre-selected and omitted from the sale list.

An official announcement on the Sturmey purchase is expected soon.

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