Independent research investigates whether Government millions will have any tangible effect on cyclist numbers

Study asks: Do Cycling Cities work?

An independent study will examine whether the ‘Cycling City’ initiative will result in getting more people on bikes, according to this report on This is Bristol.

£100 million has been set aside to make cities and towns across the UK ‘Cycling Demonstration towns’ to encourage adults and children to take up cycling. Blackpool, Cambridge, Colchester, York and many other locations will benefit from the scheme, which was announced early last year.

Researchers at the University of the West of England will investigate whether the scheme will result in more journeys being made by bicycle.

Dr Kiron Chatterjee will lead the research. He said: "Cycling is uncommon in most parts of the UK. Only five per cent of people cycle at all.”

"For some people cycling is a weekday activity, getting to work or school, but for others it is something they do at weekends."

"This is a wonderful opportunity. Not only is it the largest investment programme in cycling ever seen in the UK, but there is the opportunity with this research to thoroughly investigate the programme’s impact and identify what works best to increase cycling. It’s especially exciting given that we are based in Bristol, which is the national cycling city," Dr Chatterjee enthused.

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