BC's CEO Peter King is calling the overhaul "significant". The "ambitious" and "challenging" UK-wide One Stop Plan for Cycling sees British Cycling focussing on 'Excellence' and 'Participation.' This will widen British Cycling's reach out into the community of leisure cyclists and would-be sport cyclists.

Structural revamp at British Cycling

British Cycling’s UK-wide One Stop Plan for Cycling – UKWOSP for short – is currently under consideration by UK Sport and the Home Country Sports Councils. Funding support for the run up to the Beijing Olympics in 2008 depends on government ratification of UKWOSP.

The British Cycling Board has endorsed the plan as the framework for the next stage in the development of the organisation and has approved a number of key changes, both in British Cycling’s structure and in the way it manages its business.

Peter King will continue to be responsible for strategy and operations. He will, however, become more "outwardly focused", says a statement from BC, "in order to promote cycling at the highest possible level in political circles; in the government agencies upon whom British Cycling relies for the majority of its income streams; in commercial areas where the organisation must constantly seek out and nurture partners; and in the media."

The organisation will now be structured around the two fundamental elements of the UKWOSP, namely "Excellence" and "Participation". Responsibility and accountability for ‘Excellence’ and ‘Participation’ is delegated to performance director Dave Brailsford and participation director Ian Drake.

Jonny Clay has been appointed as competition and events manager. Bob Barber is leaving British Cycling to "pursue other interests." He has been with British Cycling for five years, running the events and competition side of BC.

"The UK-wide One Stop Plan for Cycling is proving to be both a catalyst and a framework for the future of British Cycling," said King.

"We are used to being judged by the performance of the GB Team and, by linking all strands contributing to the development of this team under the ‘Excellence’ banner, I believe that we can achieve even more coherence and focus in our pursuit of success in world and Olympic level competition.

"However, we are now also facing new goals, set by our funding partners, for participation levels in the sport as a whole. Ian Drake is heading up our new ‘Participation’ strand and he and his team will be taking British Cycling into some new and challenging areas, which promise to benefit existing members, as well as generating a whole new level of involvement in the sport."


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