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Straw poll: Time for one big industry bike show in January?

Let’s face it, January to March is one of the busiest periods for the cycle industry with trade shows taking place left, right and centre across the nation.

It’s a big demand on bike shops’ time – admittedly when shops are probably not too busy. But nevertheless there’s a lot to get around for small and large bike retailers alike. It’s also a demanding period for the distributors and brands concerned, with long distances covered for road shows and much time spent out of the office.

We’re asking the trade if it thinks there is a better way.

Is it time we had one big bike trade show at the start of the year or in Q1 sometime? And is the time right for at least a couple of major shows (we’re mentioning no names) to team up and pool their resources? Or is the current system working very nicely thank you very much?

Have your say in our latest straw poll

We’ll publish the results in the next issue of BikeBiz.

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