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Straw poll: Is mountain biking making a comeback?

Road cycling has been driving the cycle market (so to speak) for a number of years now, but is the UK cycle market beginning to see a resurgence in mountain biking?

Technology in the form of new wheel sizes, electronic suspension and even e-bikes appear to be invigorating the off road market and drawing attention back to the trails.

Then there’s the growth in MTB facilities in the UK, from Northern Ireland’s ambitious ten year MTB strategy, to Bike Park Wales and smaller scale innovative MTB facilities. That’s not to mention MTB conferences and new companies launching to provide riders with ‘MTB experiences‘.

But what is your take on it? Is it all media hyperbole and hype, or is there genuinely a resurgence here?

Tell us what you think in this straw poll, or add your thoughts to the comments below. It won’t be scientific, but it might be interesting.

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