Strava’s 2022 Year In Sport report reveals global trends in sports and active transportation

Strava has announced the release of the 2022 edition of its Year In Sport data report, revealing global trends in sports and active transportation.

The 2022 findings show which ‘new normal’ routines have stuck, from the lasting popularity of trail sports to changing commuting patterns and the ways we share aspects of our lives with friends through technology and group activities.

Liverpool saw the biggest increase in the share of cycling activities which were commutes (+10%), followed by London (+9%). By contrast, the percentage of cycled commutes fell most significantly in Belfast (-26%), and Bristol (-19%).

The share of cyclists on Strava with an e-bike ride increased 26% this year and e-bike rides are 30% more likely to be commutes than non-e-bikes. In 2022, bike commutes nearly rebounded to 2019 levels, and they’re more likely to happen on Tuesday/Wednesday than Monday.

Growth in e-bike use is not evenly distributed across the age brackets, however, with a greater share of older athletes (70+) using e-bikes (12%), than younger ones (18-29, 3%).

Overall, riders in groups (two or more) cycled 163% further than when they were solo. The difference was particularly pronounced for women cyclists, who cycled 218% further when in a group than when alone, compared to 158% for men. The UK had a higher percentage increase (46%) of athletes taking on 100-mile cycle rides than any other country.

In the UK, there was a 55.6% increase in the share of cyclists uploading 100+ mile rides, a greater rise than in France (46.7%), Spain (30%) and the USA (14.1%).

Michael Horvath, CEO of Strava, said: “Global trends in this year’s data show tremendous energy for activities we can do together. The feelings of joy and connection we get by being active together can be amplified and inspire others when we share all the aspects of our active lives with our community.

“Anyone seeking an active life will find a motivation machine in Strava: tools to explore confidently, goals and insights to keep you on track, and a community to cheer you on.”

Paris has seen the biggest global increase in cycle commuters(2022 vs. 2019), followed by Rio, Tokyo and Berlin. Major US tech hubs Seattle, Portland and San Francisco have seen losses in cycling commutes (2022 vs. 2019).

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Other key takeaways from the Strava community’s Year In Sport include:

– Hiking’s popularity has tripled on Strava over the last three years, and 52% of athletes uploaded trail activities to Strava in 2022
– Athletes in pairs went longer in both time and distance than when they were solo, and often longer still in a group of three or more
– The share of runners on Strava who ran a marathon nearly doubled compared to 2021he share of athletes uploading activities outside their home country was up 101% over last year – only 3% shy of pre-pandemic numbers from 2019

Rebecca Morley

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