Stolen Ride launches #RidevsThief campaign

Stolen Ride has announced the launch of its London-focused bike locking campaign, #RidevsThief.

The campaign will be putting a spotlight on bicycle security with the aim of improving bike locking and reducing theft around London by encouraging cyclists to use two high quality bike locks and correct technique. During the campaign Stolen Ride will be releasing various articles, from best practice locking to information about lock type and top tips.

Stolen Ride is urging all cyclists to get involved with the campaign, to help grow awareness of bike theft and to actively educate fellow cyclists.

Founder of Stolen Ride Richard Cantle said: “You can currently go up to any set of bike racks in London and find a case of bad bike locking. Thieves are having an easy ride. Unlike other campaigns, we want the community to be involved and to rally together to improve the current situation.”

The London Cycle Theft Survey of 1800 London cyclists highlighted the widespread problem with the use of poor quality locks and the need to educate cyclists about bike security. While many factors are at play with bike theft and security, better use of bike locks and technique is known to reduce the risk of becoming a victim.

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