Spy shots of new 'Taper Lock' system leaked to Transworld

Stolen ‘eliminates’ wheel movement with new dropout

Transworld BMX has some interesting spy shots of a new dropout design by 20-inch brand Stolen.

The new system is said to eliminate the need for chain tensioners thanks to a slanted dropout design achieved by varying the thickness from top to bottom. A custom built washer is them used to effectively hold the wheel 100 per cent firm when tightened.

Dave Wooton of Stolen told Transworld: "The dropout itself is 5mm thick, which is pretty standard. There is a tapered channel where the axle goes that is thinner in the back (2.5mm) and thicker at the front (4.25mm). The included tapered washer rides in this grooved area and the gradual tapered design locks the axle in place. As I demonstrated in your office, we only hand tightened the axle in the dropout and the wheel still wouldn’t move forward when hit with force."

Stolen BMX is distributed in the UK by Split Second Imports.

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